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The Myth of Wash and Wear Hair

Real talk friends. I live in SW Florida. The heat and humidity here makes hair goals a little harder to achieve. Beachy waves are possible - but they certainly don't come from a day in the sun and salt water. They come with the right products, instruction, and styling tools. Don't let those "undone" styles fool you. A LOT of steps went into making that hair look like "i woke up like this".

I do have to add a disclaimer that wash and wear hair may exist in certain places. Places with no humidity. I wouldn't know because I've never lived there. I've been in those places for vacation and my hair was easier to manage, but I still had to put some effort into it.

Here are my tips on making your hair as close to "wash and wear" as possible.

1. Shampoo at night. Go ahead - shampoo and condition at night. Get out of the shower, towel dry your hair, spray in some leave in treatment like Purology's Color Fanatic and go to bed with it wet. If your hair is long or dry or frizzy or all of the above, add some Diamond Oil Glow Dry to your ends. Leave it down, braid it, or wrap it loosely in a bun with a scrunchie (yes, i said scrunchie -they're making a comeback) until bed time. Make sure you take it down before its fully dry though, and don't use an elastic. Wet hair stretches, and shrinks as it dries. Hair can snap and break and cause fly aways if the elastic is too tight.

2. Curl or flat iron in the morning. I like loose curls, but my hair doesn't hold them if my curling iron is too big. I use a 3/4 inch barrel, divide my hair in three sections horizontally, and curl away from my face. I use Redken's Iron Shape as a heat protectant, and Forceful as a finisher. Then i brush out my curls. This process will usually last me 2 days. Truthfully i like how it looks the second day better because it's more undone. I would do the same sectioning and product if i was going to straighten my hair too.

3. Go as long as you can between shampoos. I can usually go three days. My third day involves a bun on top of my head or pinning some back to try to look like a brunette Brigitte Bardot. A fishtale braid is cute too. Dry shampoo never hurt anyone either. It can take away the greasy look and give some fun texture and volume at the root. The less you shampoo, the less fading you get with your color, the less heat styling you have to do, and the more your natural oils can condition your scalp and hair. (And the longer you can sleep in in the morning!)

So there it is - hair hacks on how to get as close as possible to wash and wear hair n Florida, at least. Have questions/comments/suggestion? Did this info help? I'd love to know! Drop me a line and share.

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