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Hand Tied and Fancy Free!

I'm so Excited About Learning Hand Tied Extensions!!

Confession: I never liked extensions. Maybe its because I have a lot of hair and I never needed them. Maybe its because they were detailed and I found them to be tedious and high maintenance. Or maybe its because they never looked natural to me - I could always spot them and thought they looked so extra. (judgey, I know)... Until my client showed me Habit Salon on Instagram and their extensions... then I was impressed and intrigued.

They install their extensions with a 'hand tied' method that looks SO NATURAL. They offer an online training program that I purchased instantly. Each week they release a new lesson that you work on at your own pace. You take pics and send them to your assigned mentor for approval. At the end of the four weeks, you become certified.

Anyway, I'm in the process of earning my certification and I look forward to offering this new service to my guests. Extensions can be used to achieve colors that could be damaging to your natural hair. They fill in thin areas with fullness and of course add length. There are so many options that open up once extensions are added to a service menu! And once I'm certified, I'll be able to share more benefit! Stay tuned....

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